Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Decorations

I finally have finished decorating my house for Halloween. Some of my decorations are very old and some are brand new. But I never put things in the same place as they were the previous year...just to mix things up, I move them around.
One of my kids favorites...a light up stack of pumpkins

A scarecrow nutcracker...don't see that everyday!

These are actually 2 separate pumpkins, but I like them stacked, I think!

This is duplicated on the other side...with a leaf garland, pumpkins and other harvest vegetables and little tins that are fall colors (found in the $1 section at Target last year!)

My last door hanger got mildewed, even though we have a glass storm door. Went with wood this year.

Fake flowers...because I kill flowers that are real!

Just fun stuff that the kids like. That one vase was handpainted by my daughter years ago and is very special to us!
So now that all the Halloween decorations are out, I want to move furniture around. Do you ever do that when the seasons change?

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  1. Now seeing your house decorated makes me want start making some crafts before 'Bug' wakes from his nap, tee hee. Thanks for the inspiration and getting the haunt rolling.