Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Friends and Family Christmas List

Some years, I know exactly what to get  my friends and family for Christmas...some years I don't. I have a couple of ideas that I thought I would share in case anyone else is stuck!

For my youngest, a binder for all of his football cards. He has become obsessed with football and football cards this year...learning all the players, the stats. This is the perfect way for him to keep up with everything, as opposed to just carrying a pocket full of cards that might get lost.

For my middle child, he has really gotten into reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books. One thing I know he would really like is the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" movies. He never asks for movies and rarely watches them, but I know this would be a winner!

My daughter is easy, because she has a great sense of humor. She loves quirky, funny things and I had a whole secret Pinterest board dedicated to it! But given that she loves funny t-shirts, this is one gift that is easy to pick up for her.

My mom recently got her first iphone...but the cover she got is hideous. That is something that I would love to replace!

This is our first Christmas with a puppy in the house and of course we were going to get him something. I wanted to find, not just a toy, but something he would learn from. I found a great interactive toy that will help him use his senses in a different way.

For my husband, I thought something fun was in order. He is always so busy with work and it's such a serious business, I wanted something to lighten the mood for him. Since he likes to cook and is great at it, I thought maybe an apron would be funny.

My dad has proven to be the hardest this year...I had no idea what to get him. One of those times where he has everything he needs so what do I do?!! I ended up finding a that he could scratch off all the places he has been. Since he was in WWII, traveled to many different places overseas, I thought it would be great for him to visually see all those places on a map that he has been to...a reminder of a very fully life that he has led!

The last gifts I had to pick were for my kids teachers at school. Luckily, I knew just what to get them! My youngest son's teacher is from England, so we picked out Jammie Dodgers...which is what the British call a "biscuit," made from shortbread and filled with raspberry jam (almost like thumbprint cookies).

My middle child has two his regular teacher and one that is his science teacher. We got them both the same thing...a Tervis cup filled with Hershey Kisses.
We gave Christmas cards to all his other teachers and if I do anything else, I might give them a small ornament, like.....

maybe with their name on it?

I have 3 other moms that I am good friends with...with volunteer at the kids school together, carpool, and are there for each other during difficult weeks. We had decided a while back that instead of gifts, we would go eat together and do something fun. We found a Groupon for a local place where you bring your own wine and paint a picture. Like....
We look forward to going to do this...even if it might be after Christmas before we get around to scheduling it!

For the rest of our teachers or support people that we would buy gifts for, I have made donations in their name. We had several families at my boy's elementary school that needed family assistance. Both as a family and as a PTA, we adopted families to help. We also made donations to places like Toys for Tots.

So what kind of gifts are you buying this year?

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