Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2012 was supposed to be my year to "Do"...Do my best, Do more, Do what I should be doing, Do for my kids, Do for my husband, Do what is not expected...By the end of the year, I could honestly say that there were some areas of my life that "do" completely took hold! Others, not so much!

New Year's Resolutions are usually a wash-out for me, anyway. The whole, lose weight, eat right, stop yelling at the kids stuff never sticks...not even for the whole first day of the year! So that leaves me trying to find something...a fundamental change to make in my life that will home life, personal life, just life in general a better place. But what? What could that be???

My word for 2013...DECLUTTER! 

So much of my life is cluttered. Whether is the state of my car that I'm riding in, the way I organize my day, or the rooms in my home...clutter is overtaking me. I've gotten to the point that I don't NEED lots of "stuff!" I WANT certain beautiful, meaningful things and the rest can go. And that's where I want each part of my life to get to.

Hopefully, you guys can help me with this. Now, I'm not Flylady, or Real Simple. I'm just a very busy mom, who hates to clean, but also hates to feel so overwhelmed with all the clutter and stuff surrounding me on a daily basis.

If cleaning house was like diets, I've tried every one. I've tried every method there is, but they just don't work for me...for whatever reason...therefore, I never continue them! So I have to create my OWN plan...and maybe that's how YOU feel, too! 

I'm going to take it one room at a time. Starting with the big stuff, and moving to the little...and with the amount of time I have (without kids, that is!) I have to plan accordingly. Some days I might only try to get one thing done...some days it might be three or four. But my hope is as the rooms get decluttered, they will be easier to maintain. Instead of ME having to do the hard work, I can send my minions kids in to clean.

So who's with me? Tomorrow, my goal is to get all the Christmas stuff put away. And I mean put away, as in put in the basement, out of sight! I hope to take a picture of "before" and "after" so I can show progress...even if it's for no one but myself!


  1. I am so with you!! My clutter and piles of 'stuff' everywhere is making me crazy!!!! Christmas stuff has to wait till Friday..... then I can join you in decluttering. (I hope... maybe.... I'll try... but what if I need that think I'm throwing away? Say I need it next month!!?!?) Okay baby steps... tree and all the Christmas stuff first....

    1. Omg Connie, I am the exact same way! My husband and I have these conversations all the time...he'll want to throw something away and I'm all "No wait, we could use that if we ever run out of bags/plates/shampoo/toothpaste/dog food/whatever!" He thinks I'm crazy and would get rid of 90% of what we have in the house if I let him! And today was a bust anyway...maybe tomorrow ;-)