Sunday, February 3, 2013

Best Super Bowl Commercials

Do you watch the Super Bowl for the game or for the commercials? For me, it depends on who is playing and whether or not I'm emotionally invested. I do love those heartbreaking stories they tell before the game...makes you really want to pull for a player or a team. Mostly, I like the commercials. There are always some really memorable ones and some that really stink...especially with how much money they pay to air them! 

Here are some of my favorites....
Mean Joe Green Coke Commercial from 1979
Old Spice Commercial..."Look at your man, now look at me..."
The famous Budweiser commercial after September 11, 2001. Still a tearjerker! 
Funny Bud Light commercial..."Here WeGo!"
Audi's commercial starring Jason Statham...for a little action and easy on the eyes!
Snickers commercial from 2010 with Betty White and Abe Vigoda.
Darth Vader stars in this Volkswagen kids loved this one!

And a preview from today's Super Bowl Commercials...and extended version of the Mercedes Commercial, starring Usher, Kate Upton, and others.

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