Thursday, September 20, 2012

Don't Stress...Do Your Best!

This morning was the second time in just a couple of days that my daughter has passed out. The first time, she was in the shower. I thought maybe the water was too hot, or she was really tired. But this morning, she had just gotten up and hit her head on her dresser. She felt nauseous, her vision was blurred, and her head hurt. After talking to the nurse at the pediatrician's office, I decided to take her in. They took lots of blood and are scheduling a EKG, but the doctor felt like this was a result of anxiety.

Who knew that anxiety could cause such problems and who knew that she HAD so much anxiety!

The cause of her anxiety? High school! It's not enough to be a teenage girl, with crazy hormones and high school drama. But the schoolwork they give high school students now is crazy! She is in all Honors classes and has never had a course load like she has now. I can see why she would be stressed!

I never learned good study skills or test taking tricks. Tests were awful for me and I always had anxiety about them...anything I DID know, I would quickly forget as soon as the test was in front of me. Obviously, my kids have the same issue I do!

Luckily, I have been able to schedule an appointment with a tutor who specializes in helping kids learn study skills, test taking techniques, and homework strategies. Hopefully, having someone other than a parent or teacher give advice will work.

It's hard to see your child stress so much. While talking to the doctor, she gave my daughter a small piece of advice SHE was given while in medical school. "You know what the last doctor to graduate is called? Doctor! You don't have to be first in your class. Do what you can do and try not to stress so much!" I thought that was great. We don't expect perfection out of her...just to do her best!


  1. Being a teacher in a Primary school I have heard parents talk about some of their kids reacting the same way when they started Secondary School. It is really a stressful time for them and sometimes some do no know how to cope. Most parents do have to take the necessary precautions for the safety of their children and hope that it will getting with time.
    I am following you now and I do hope things get better with your daughter.

  2. All honors class as a freshman can seem like a huge compliment, but the workload for even one honors class is at least double (if not triple) of regular classes.

    When I taught English at the high school level, we would warn students not to take more than 2 honors classes per trimester. Honors classes are filled with very bright and fiercely competitive students.

    I really like the perspective the doctor gave your daughter. Learning is a processes that looks different for everyone. When it becomes a race, the finish line & stop watch becomes the primary focus rather than knowledge and understanding.

    I hope your daughter is able to work in some R&R! Best of luck!


    1. Thank you...she's actually a sophmore, but had practically NO homework last year. It seems like it would be a much better idea to slowly increase the workload instead of slamming them their second year!