Friday, September 28, 2012

Writings from Ethan

In going through some school papers from last year and found this humorous writing that Ethan did. It shows how literal and logical his brain is...and yes, all the spelling is exactly the way he wrote it.

I know a book is fiction because would look out side and se a horse drinking coffee with a hog? NO! Because it is Fiction! (F) (I) (C) (T) (I) (O) (N) (!)
..... 100 times and see if Im right :-O :-)
      I know a book is non ficton because Look around you see all that is real. Life is not a dream kids! Youre real Im real dreams are not.


  1. Now, what's he going to do when he reads realistic fiction? lol

    1. I don't know...we just entered a new realm of fiction with one of those choose your path books. He was very concerned about the number of pages that he was skipping! LOL