Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Son..the Star

I love the elementary school that my boys go to. The teachers have always been so accommodating and I have gotten to know many of them very well. One thing that is unique about our school is that we have a school dog. This is a 5 year old papillon that belongs to one of the staff members. She has brought the dog to school with her several times a week for years. All the kids know "Baby Betsy" and love having her at school. The kids can read to her, they can tell her secrets...they can even earn special tickets to have breakfast with Baby Betsy. 

Last year, Baby Betsy got sick with a rare form of she had a stem cell transplant! Have you ever heard of such a thing?!! The kids wrote her good well notes, drew pictures, and couldn't wait until she came back to school. 

Well, yesterday was her first day back. The local tv station came to the school to do a story about Baby Betsy going "back to work." Since my autistic kiddo has spent quite a bit of time with Baby Betsy, especially when he gets really upset at school. He loves her soft fur and her wet nose. "It's a sensory thing, Mom" is what he told me. So to help brag about Baby Betsy and the contribution she makes to our school, I agreed to let the tv crew interview my son...which led to ME being interviewed. Not exactly what I had planned! And the irritating thing is that they took about 1 1/2 hours worth of footage and then edited it down to less than 2 minutes. So almost everything I had said, and Ethan had said, and Baby Betsy's owner said was cut out...until the interview basically didn't make sense. But Ethan was so excited that he was on tv! He thinks he's a star!!

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  1. How fun for your son! I know the feeling; I was interviewed at a WIC breastfeeding event once and they cut my 5+ minute talk down to a single phrase - not even a complete sentence - when they aired it. So frustrating! But the kids don't care!! So cute!

    Visiting from Crazy Mama's Monday blog hop! (I know, sorry, busy week!)