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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's for Grandparents

A recent search led someone to my blog, looking for Valentine's that would be appropriate for Grandparents. Grandparents love getting things from their grandchildren, especially if they live far away. My kids have one set of grandparents that are here in town. We see them weekly, sometimes more! The other set of grandparents winter in Florida and summer in New York. When they come through town, they only stay a couple of days, so the kids really miss seeing them. Some holidays we just buy a store bought card, but finding something creative for them to send can also be fun.
Handprint Valentine Card: I find it easiest to do handprints just like this blogger did, by painting the child's hand. The trick is to place the hands on the paper so that it will form the shape of a heart. If all else fails, you can always use some of the paint to finish it off. Add a little "BE MINE" and into the mail it goes.

 I Love You More Than...valentine card: This nice blogger over at This Is Me challenge has made a printable if this is a valentine you would choose to have your kids send to their grandparents. The options these give cover all the bases: male, female, sports lover, outdoor lover, etc. I might do this one myself!

52 Cards: What a great idea, especially if your grandparents like to play cards. You'll have to visit the website to get the tutorial, but basically just get a deck of cards and write a reason you love them for each card. Now go visit Lowri and see all the great things she has on her blog.
 Me Without You: What a cute book, published by Chronicle Books! This book has childlike illustrations, describing what life is like without the person they love. A book like this could really be given any time to someone you are away from, but I think grandparents would especially like it. Then, when the grandchildren and grandparents are back together again, they can read the book together and talk about it. What a great conversation starter!
Peekaboo Valentine: This valentine is practically effortless. Grab your most recent picture of your child...a school picture or snapshot, whatever you have. Fold a piece of card stock in half and cut out a heart. This way, when the heart is opened, there is one heart on each side. Glue a picture of the child inside the heart. On the outside of the heart, the child can write their message. Definitely something grandparents would love looking at.
Valentine Tea Bag: Do the grandparents in your life drink tea? This is a cute idea and not something that I would've thought of before seeing this. Anna, over at Princess and the Frog Blog, has some other cute ideas so make sure you stop by and check them out.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to help your children create something special for their grandparents. Let me know which one is your favorite and if you decide to try any. I'd love to know what you might have done in the past...maybe we can try a couple!

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