Friday, May 11, 2012

Allergy Websites

In case you didn't know, May is National Allergy Awareness month. I have experienced environmental allergies all my life, and developed food allergies when I was pregnant with my last child. Ironically, my youngest was born with the same food and environmental allergies. When you are faced with an obstacle like that, it's hard to find other mom's who are going through the same thing. Luckily, I found some great blogs and websites to get me through some rough patches. If you have food allergies or your child does, here are some great places to visit and get allergy-free recipes, tips for cooking, products you might need, and greatly needed support!

Food Allergy Buzz - great for the allergy-free community and offers link-ups to connect with other moms who are going through the same or similar situations.

Kids with Food Allergies - This is a great website with tons of information about allergies, cooking with food allergies, symptoms, treatments, you name it! They even have an iPhone app! The support forum they have is where I have received much needed advice and information...more than I ever got from a doctor!

Onespot Allergy - Another great website with tons of information, articles, and products you can use on a daily basis...things you can't find anywhere else! They even have a waterproof epipen case!

Allergen Menu Mom - great allergy-free recipes!

Allergy Moms - This website has video, book suggestions, and support group listings.

Allergic Child - From infant to college student and beyond, this website can help you. They also have no-nut signs and school information to pass along.

Food Allergy Mom - Another mom just trying to help her child, sharing her experiences, and spreading awareness.

Top 25 Food Allergy Blogs - More great allergy blogs for you to check out.

If you have a favorite website or blog that deals with food allergies, please leave it in a comment. I would love to add it to my list!

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