Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Donations for Teacher Appreciation

Today, another mom from PTA and I went around town scavenging for goodies we can use for Teacher Appreciation Week. We hit the jackpot at Staples and Home Depot. Home Depot agreed to donate 95 small flowers, in containers. That was a big deal, because each one cost anywhere from $1-4. We are planning to wrap the container with a nice, wide ribbon. Staples just blew us away with their donation. All we asked for was maybe 36 desk planners...they came out from the back room pushing a shopping cart completely filled with school supplies! They said we couldn't have all of it, but to choose from it. We scored some major things...4 boxes of post-it notes, watercolor sets for our Pre-K classes, a whole box of envelopes and file folders. But the cutest thing we found was a whole bag of decorative paper clips. See below for what we are going to do with them...
I got these little Chinese favor boxes at the $1 Store back before Easter. They were too small for what we were doing for teachers that month, so I just held on to them. They are the perfect size for these paper clips and will look so cute sitting on the teacher's desks. This is only one gift we are giving during the week. I will post more pictures as we get everything together.

For what it's worth, if you are trying to plan Teacher Appreciation gifts for a large number, it never hurts to go to some of these stores and just ask. Even half off would be great at some places. We give them the school's Tax ID# for their tax deduction and usually that is all they want. Not every chain store will give the same things, it usually depends on their store manager. But you definitely need to have an idea of what the store you are going COULD donate. The first thing each manager asked us was "What is it that you would like?" It definitely helped when we went in and said, "Can you donate "this?" If you are a Title I school, like we are, they might be more likely to donate, also....due to such severe budget limitations.

If you try and are successful, I would love to hear where you went to get donations and what they were willing to give!


  1. Oh my gosh, you are amazing, my motivation to be better!!!! I told my daughter today that saturday is our day to GET IT TOGETHER hehe, i showed her your site and she was excited to make some of the amazing things you have on here! Thanks again Girly!

  2. What a good idea! Thanks for sharing--I would never have thought about telling the stores what the items are for.

  3. Wow, it is so awesome that you were able to do this and that you had companies so willing to help supply you with gift items. This is such a wonderful idea! Thanks for the post.

    Stopping by from the Newbie blog hop.

  4. You guys are sweet! An update...Office Depot would not contribute right now, they usually do something in the fall at every location for teachers. You might want to check into it then. But Costco gave us a $25 gift card towards our purchase. They said if we can give them 3 months, they could do a donation. Something to remember for next year!

  5. What a lovely idea.

  6. Here walmart, staples and most grocery stores will donate anything from supplies, to candy at Halloween, food (for the box too giveaways) and $25 gift cards. Of sonic loves to give gift cards for student and teacher awards/gifts. ((Along with the Pizzs Chains, Wendy's & other restaurants))
    As long as you give at least a 1 month notice they are more than happy to donate and help out. Some places request a letter with the school letter head on it describing things you would like to get, why and when, so it doesn't hurt to have it on hand to leave with the GM. Walmart and most grocery stores I have contacted ask for this.
    One year I was able to get a spa to donate supplies and gift cards for our spa week. They even sent someone in to help out with massages, hand rubs/waxes and more. The local tanning salons gave a few gift certificates for a free months of tanning too. We had a drawing for that.

    You would be surprised at the "stores" that will help from your local bakery to the hair salon. It never hurts to ask around.
    You can even get some to donate things monthly if you agree to put them as a supporter in the school need letter, PTO letter, or somewhere in the school. It's like free publicity. ((Check with your principle first, some don't allow this.))

    ((Excuse any typos please, holding a sick little guy and it's hard to type. :\ ))