Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

My Top 5 Laughs for the Week
  • Jonah, my youngest, decided to start calling me "my blessed mother" tonight. That lasted until bedtime when I wasn't quite as much of a blessing to him!
  • Ethan has a thing about long hair. Once he told me that "real mom's" have long hair. This was after I had cut all my hair off...I mean really short! So I've been growing it out and now he tells me that "in order to be beautiful, you have to tuck your hair behind your ears. I've been a looker of women for many years, and this is the truth!" Keep in mind, he's 10!!
  •  Since we have just finished EOG's in our elementary schools here, and I know that Ethan did fairly well, now we can make a couple of jokes about math, his hardest subject...

  • Have you heard this catchy song? It's by Carly Rae Jepsen, "Call Me, Maybe." I've become obsessed with it, which is a joke in itself...but the song just keeps playing in my head. I saw this hysterical parody by the crew of "Fashion Police" on E! and couldn't help but laugh. 

  • Then the other day, "The Today Show" was playing this song, there were 2 college teams both doing parodies on the plaza of it, all the hosts were trying to dance to it, very funny! Then, when Kathie Lee and Hoda came one (my favorite hour!), they had to join in on the fun...

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