Monday, July 16, 2012

50 Shades of No Instruction Manual

In case you've been living under a rock, the newest literary phenomenon to hit bookshelves everywhere is Fifty Shades of Grey. Described as "mommy porn", it is the story of a young college student, about to graduate, who meets a young bazillionaire and is introduced to a lifestyle she has no idea anything about. It is definitely not your greatest work of fiction. The plot is lacking, to say the least and the situations are not exactly what you could imagine happening in your everyday life.

But isn't that what a great summer read is about? Just a fun, take me away from all this type of read?!! Yes, it has a rather unusual type of relationship...and I can see how that might not appeal to everyone. But at the heart of the book is a girl who wants to fix a boy and a boy who desperately wants to be loved. Isn't that what every good love story is? The thing about this set of books is it has plenty of dirty sex that makes all the mommies feel separated enough from the diapers and playdates and their stay at home lives when they read it that it becomes their escape.

It's like when mommies (like me!) love watching shows like Real Housewives (any and all of them, please!) It's simply an escape from our normal, PTA attending, homework supervising, doctor office visiting, carpooling lives. I mean, I don't know anyone that goes through some of the things those ladies go through...and I don't know if I want to! I much prefer to watch the drama from a safe distance! Like from my sofa...with Ben & Jerry's in my hand!!

Fifty Shades of Grey is not an instruction manual. Women should not instruct the men in their lives to read it as such. Their is no man that is going to live up to those standards. It is pure fiction. Now there are some men who will exceed the expectations of Christian Grey...for instance, my husband (my own Gray), is a great cook, cleans the house, and loves having the kids around. He also isn't afraid to show emotion when it's called for. Now, he is great at business and a control freak...but that's why he's great at business! We balance each other out and I never read the book expecting insight into myself or my husband. If that's what I was looking for, I would've looked in for a relationship book...not mommy porn!

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  1. I couldn't even make it past the part where she was puking in bush. WORST book ever written, only made me want to band together with other moms to create our own, better written mommy porn lol!!

    New follower from the Monday Mingle, lovely to meet you!