Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No Nick Jr? No Problem Here!

If you have DirecTV, then you know by now that some of the channels you previously had, are missing today. I'm not that worried about it, as things like this usually work themselves out. But then I started to think how things would be different if my kids still watched Nick channels...

We spent many hours watching Nick cartoons through the years. My kids grew up watching Dora, Little Bear and SpongeBob. There was many a time that I depended on those cartoons to entertain so I could take a shower or get some laundry done. These days, my kids have moved onto Boomerang, video games, or Netflix so the loss of these channels doesn't really affect me to much. But what about you guys? How many of you are feeling the loss of NickJr. in your house right now?


  1. Wow, I didn't even realize there was no more Nick Jr. My girls enjoy those shows as well, but have been increasingly interested in watching the For Kids Netflix shows we have streaming and so it seems they've lost interest in all the other channel specific stuff.

  2. We don't have DirectTV, so we aren't losing ours, thank goodness! My daughter would have a serious fit!