Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Contamination Incident

So, it's a nice hot day...perfect day to go to the pool. There are hardly any seats available, probably due to the over 100+ people that are there...not including the birthday party that someone is having at the pool. 
 The first hour passes and it's break time. Lindsey and Jonah both get Cheerwine Slushies....their favorite snack.
I'm in the pool, minding my own business...yes, I know my kids are my business, but I have mommy talking to do to other mommies! Please!! Before long, Jonah comes over crying...seems he swallowed a mouthful of water and then proceeded to throw it and the Cheerwine Slushie up in the pool....NICE!!! Next thing you know, the lifeguards are ordering everyone out because of the lovely red vomit that MY child left in the pool! 

I tried to slink away of the lifeguards stopped us on our way out to question us. Uh, yeah, it was my kid...what do you need my name for???

So, thanks to me, my kid and the cheerwine slushie, the pool was closed for the rest of the day. The email I got immediately informed me that the pool would be closed for the rest of the day, due to a "contamination incident." Sorry!!
Surely I'm not the only mom who has been through this, right???

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