Monday, January 9, 2012

Blue Ivy - I thought Ivy was Green

Blue Ivy? Really?

The first thing I think of when hearing that name is "isn't ivy green?" Second thing I think is "blue? As in a description of how you're feeling?". Cause if that's the reason for the name, I would completely understand! Lots of women have to "baby blues" as some call it. But Blue Ivy? Seriously??

There have been many...let's say unusual names that celebrities have used.

The most "unusual" names: courtesy of Cracked

  • Tu Morrow - child of Rob Morrow (from the show Numb3rs). Sounds like he and his wife (or Significant Other) sat around thinking of funny names that would go with their last name. But how teased is that child going to be? Tu Morrow...not today, not yesterday...
  • Moxie Crimefighter - child of Penn Jillette (from the duo Penn and Teller). The story is that you never use your middle name so have fun with it. But what if little Moxie Crimefighter decides to be a criminal? What are we all going to say when the first mug shot shows up on TMZ? 
  • Moon Unit and Diva Thin Muffin (not to mention Dweezil and Ahmet) - all children of Frank Zappa. Obviously, Frank was stoned or drunk when he thought of these names...then again, 4 kids all with such unusual names? Maybe that's just the way his brain works.
  • Kal-El - son of Nicolas Cage. Apparently he has a Superman infatuation. 
  • Pilot Inspektor - son of Jason Lee. I know Dad is a comedian and is a funny guy, but come on, man! At least spell Inspektor the right way!
  • Blanket - son of Michael Jackson. This is just weird to me. How do you grow up being called Blanket? I do hope he can change his name before high school or at least as an adult. Imagine a girl bringing home the guy she wants to marry..."Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend, Blanket."
The list could go on and on. Celebrities love attention, so I guess they are just seeking attention for either their baby or so the baby will get their own attention. Maybe?

And the most "normal" names: courtesy of People

  • Max and Bob - sons of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller. Nice and normal, especially from some whacked out parents!
  • Henry Daniel - son of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder. Not just one normal name, but the middle name is normal, too!
  • Joe - son of Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes. Very close to her Titanic love, but still normal.
  • Charlotte Grace - daughter of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze Jr.
  • Ella - daughter of Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor
In looking around, I can tell you that there are way more unusual baby names than normal. But just a note to the celebrities (as if they are reading this!!), we don't think you are cool by naming your kid something weird. We think you are setting your child up for a future on Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab or a mug shot blasted across every celebrity gossip website on the Internet!

According to Global Grind, Blue is a reference to dad, Jay-Z's franchise albums called the Blueprint. Plus, the word blue has 4 letters and it seems that Beyonce feels like 4 is her number. She told Billboard Magazine that 4 is special to her because she was born on the 4th, her mother was born on the 4th, and her wedding anniversary is on the 4th.  So where does Ivy come from? Well, that also has to do with the number in IV, the Roman Numeral 4.

So maybe this naming decision was well thought out, and maybe both names have sentimental meaning to Beyonce and Jay-Z...but still, Blue Ivy??




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  2. You are very right with all you stated here. Did you hear what Beyonce and J-zay did in the hospital? The media said they shut almost one floor door because of the birth of their baby. Many parents were frustrated in the hospital due to restriction placed by J-zay and beyonce. Well money talks. But that was not a nice act

  3. May, I did hear that. I guess many mom's were then separated from their babies, which is really unfortunate. I understand their need for privacy, I realize they probably don't want everyday folks taking pictures. But as a new mom, you would think common sense would tell her that mommies don't want to be separated from their babies! If they were going to spend a million dollars to buy out the floor, they could've just had drs. and nurses come to them and not put everyone else out!

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