Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casey Anthony - Do You Care?

Did anyone happen to catch the video they played over and over this morning on the news that was made by Casey Anthony? So many things about it rubbed me the wrong way. But I don't know which one was worse, the fact that someone allowed her to adopt a dog, or the fact that she's making these videos and putting them out there for people to see.

Casey Anthony video diary from the Today show

I've never adopted an animal so I don't know the criteria. But according to several puppy rescue organizations in different parts of the country, they do have requirements. Such as being able to take care of another living being. They want to know the adoptee is capable of the emotional and physical needs of a dog. And who is paying for everything a dog requires? On the flip side, I have found that there are some prisons that bring in dogs for the inmates to care for and eventually adopt. So maybe it is like a rehabilitation, learning how to care for someone other than yourself?

But what about this video thing? The news reporter said that she has been making a video log. But why release them? Looking for attention? A book deal? Maybe a reality show? Do you remember the outrage when she was released from prison? People everywhere swore they would never watch anything that she was on. And who is she skyping?

What do you think?

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