Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scrambled States of America

I had gotten some interest over a picture I had posted on my personal Facebook page and Jonah's (my 7 yr. old) favorite game right now. It is called Scrambled States of America and is from Gamewright.
For Christmas, Jonah received a plethora of "States" themed gifts. He likes that kind of thing, so I thought he should learn while he's interested. Along with this game, there is a matching book and puzzle.

This game does require that the players can read...they will need to be able to read the States, the Capitals, and the Nicknames.

The cards might ask if you have a card for a state in which the Nickname starts with a certain letter.

Or, it might ask if the Capital on their card starts with a certain letter.

A Go the Distance! card requires that the player draw a new state card, place it down for everyone to see, and then each player must select a card from their hand, that would be the closet to that state. This means, the player has to look at the map and try to estimate distances.  Other cards ask things like how many syllables are in a state's name, or find the capital that has a certain number of letters. The cards vary and make the game more fun because you don't have the same task each time.

Currently, this is Jonah's favorite game and asks to play it almost every day. I really am glad that he likes the game and that he is starting to learn some about the states. In fact,  I have learned from this game...I don't think I ever learned nicknames for states and although I might know many Capitals, I certainly don't know them all. As a mom, I like that this game isn't a board game, it's just cards; it doesn't take an incredibly long time to play it; and it's a great way to sneak in a little bit of education while he's playing.

What are some of your kids favorite games?

BTW, I was not paid for this post. I just thought other mom's might be interested given all the questions I had from my picture on Facebook. 


  1. I placed a lot of educational games on my iPad so my son can use them. Mostly though we prefer to read either real book or an e-book. Dropping by from tattle tale. Do have a good week ahead.

    1. I have done that on my iPhone and for Christmas, each of my kids got their own Kindle. I've tried to get as many educational games on there, but somehow the "fun" games win out. But sometimes we will play Monopoly or Life on the Kindle. Somehow it's more fun that way. You have a good week as well and thanks for stopping by!