Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Have you ever been somewhere...somewhere that you need to be waited on to purchase an item...and they just ignore you? They are on the phone, eating their lunch, discussing personal matters...while you sit. Waiting. Patiently. But as time ticks on it becomes harder and harder to wait. You start bouncing your leg, you start to shift your body in the seat (which has become extremely uncomfortable), and your eyes scan the room for someone that will help you...anyone. ANYONE??

My hubby and I recently went to get new lenses put in a pair of glasses. Something that should take 15 minutes. We had the frames. We had a prescription. We knew exactly what we wanted.

Maybe it's because we went at 12:45. Maybe they were so hungry that they just couldn't work without food. I've worked with the public before, and I've waited on people in a retail establishment. I never ate in front of customers, not to mention eating while they are waiting to be helped. Many a day I didn't eat lunch until 2 or 3 because I never wanted to turn away a paying customer!

Now, I've never worked in a dr. office, but I've filled out plenty of paperwork and I think, (guess I could be wrong), that due to privacy concerns, there would be no loud declarations of Ms. So-and-So who neglected to meet her deductible. Or the lady who bought glasses in December and now wants to use her insurance to buy more. Then the ladies behind the desk had a long conversation about whether insurance goes the calendar year, or when the insurance started. Keep in mind, during this time we were the ONLY ones in the place that needed help.

I guess it boils down to basic customer service. Everyone knows that customer service isn't what it used to be. People are involved in their own lives and it really doesn't occur to them or maybe they just don't care how their attitude comes across to others.

But for those working with the public...I am nice to you. I show you respect. I very rarely get upset about things like this. But when it's so blatantly obvious that you just don't care about keeping my business...well...I'll just find someone who does care!


  1. You are definitely justified in your frustration. i would have been upset, too.

  2. Been there. That is frustrating! Hard to stay patient and kind in those situations