Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful - Day 14

So report cards came yesterday for my boys. Jonah, surprisingly enough, had a great report card! As troublesome as he can be at home, he seems to do really well at school...well, THIS YEAR he has done well. He made all A's and 1 B on his report card, with no bad marks on behavior or homework or anything! Ethan also did well. Even though he made all C's and 1 B, that was a marked improvement for where he started the year. But with him, I'm less concerned about the actually grade, than about how he is functioning in class, are there meltdowns, can he easily get through classwork, group times, specials, etc. He seems to be doing so much better and part of the reason is the great teachers he has and the way they collaborate together and with me to find solutions when a problem comes up.

For instance, at the beginning of the school year, he realized that if he didn't turn in his homework, the consequence was to walk laps during recess. (Not the whole recess, but a few) But over time, that just became the status quo and was no longer effective. We are now going to tie homework turn in to computer time. Hopefully, that will get his attention and emphasize the importance of turning his homework in. 

But today, I'm thankful for teachers...especially teachers that understand how to be flexible with a student that has special needs. Each of Ethan's teachers have always listened to my input, emailed me, called me, even texted me about issues I might need to discuss with them. We have always worked as a team and there has never been a disagreement with any of them. VERY THANKFUL!!!

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