Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Father's Day Art

I love art...art is special to my husband and myself because we met at an art museum. I bought my dad a great piece of art that I really think he will like for Father's Day. There are many pieces of art my husband would like, but I'm running out of wall space...plus, sometimes it can be quite expensive. One of the great things about things like Pinterest and Etsy is that it becomes cheaper and easier to create a great gift for your husband or dad. Check out some of these printables and other works of art...


  1. Love the words on the last one! Great picks.

  2. I specially love the tiles! Art makes great gifts, I agree!

  3. The Star Wars print is too cute!

  4. I love the scrabble one! We aren't big on Art Gallery art but anything made by the kids gets hung up:) I'm sure my husband would love something like this from the kids:))

  5. We are into scrabble tiles. I love that one! What great gift ideas.

  6. Luke and his father-- way too funny, way!

    Aloha, Following ya from the hop and loving it. We're spending the most sweetest of wordless wednesday's sharing a warm cup of something yummy and a little sunshine with friends. Ya know what would make it the bestest?-- if the worstest mommy joined us. I'd love it.