Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Joker

This is my youngest...Jonah. Today was his last day of 2nd grade. I had received a note from the school earlier in the week saying he would receive an award today, so I was ready. What I wasn't ready for was WHAT he got! He received an award for reading which wasn't a surprise. He loves to read and reads all the time. But then they gave him a "brag tag" that said "Homework Award!" This is the same kid that I had to threaten within an inch of his life some afternoons just to get 1/3 of the homework done! But if that was what they wanted to award him with, fine with me. On his head, was a silly hat...reminding me of a cartoon. He said his teacher gave it to him for being the "Class Clown." He thinks it's a good thing! Now, I love his sense of humor, but I think it probably drove his teacher she was the one responsible for trying to teach while he's making jokes and getting the kids to pay attention to him, not her. But when we come back to school, we will be a couple of months older, a little more mature and hopefully, he won't be quite as much of a class clown next year! At least he has a sense of humor, though....right???

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