Friday, June 22, 2012

Vacation Funnies

Before our vacation, I found a cheap pack of modeling clay and stuck it in a bag so that during down time, the kids would have something to do. It was a big hit for 89 year old father even got in on the action with this creation: a bird nest, a bird, and it's egg
Goofing off in the shower, my youngest gave me this face against the glass door...a face only a mother could love!
We took the kids to see the NC Battleship as a quick trip. Everywhere we looked, there were these wooden cutouts for photo opps. Lindsey and her friend decided to give each guy a name and have silly conversations about it. For this one, they wanted the caption to be "Shh, don't speak." Funny teenage girls!
This was outside a local beach shop...a bicycle with a toilet on the back with the sign saying, "Obama Green Cycle runs on Natural Gas."

I received this in an email and it seemed appropriate given that this week, the kids were everywhere all the time. The hubs and I couldn't even have a moment alone without a child interrupting us. I need a vacation alone to recover from my vacation with the kids!


  1. That face is so funny! Gotta love your kids. I am a new pinterest follower. Hope to see you at True Aim. Thanks for giving me a few laughs.

  2. So funny! "Walk faster the children are catching up!" LOL! Good one!

  3. Thanks ladies...I'm following you both as well!