Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Favorite Things to do in Summer

  1. Have a cookout...whether it's with family or friends, a cookout is always great for catching up again.
  2. Cold cream, milkshakes, sundaes...they are all yummy and what better time to eat them than at the end of a long, hot day.
  3. Vacations...near or far, a vacation is always what you make of it. If you're traveling to a vacation, there are car games, songs to sing, and books to read. If your vacation is more of a staycation, you can check out all those things in your town that you've never seen or been to before. Road trips can be fun even if you don't go that far.
  4. Pink lemonade. The mix between sweet and sour is quenching on a scorching afternoon.
  5. Fresh fruit and vegetables...I enjoy eating them fresh and always eat more during the summer. Find a new tomato, put a little salt on it...yum!
  6. Read books...the perfect way to escape. Maybe a romance novel or just relax with a mindless story.
  7. Swimming...actual swimming or just getting sun, it's all good! Floating can be so relaxing!
  8. Go for a bike ride.
  9. Enjoy the air conditioning.
  10. Find a great sundress and wear it often.
  11. Get a nice pedicure and show it off by wearing your favorite flip-flops...flip-flops are the best!
  12. Wear a big,floppy hat...on the beach, at the pool, or to the store. Hats are ok anywhere in the summer!
  13. Get just enough sun on your face where makeup is not needed.
  14. Drink lots of iced coffees and frappuccino's.
  15. Buy a great straw can be used as a purse or a beach bag.
  16. Wear braids in your hair...loose or tight, they look great no matter what the occasion.
  17. Enjoy the sun...all natural Vitamin D!
  18. Blow brings out the kid in you.
  19. Enjoy not having a car pools, PTA meetings, or homework struggles!
  20. Find the most unique or prettiest seashell.
  21. Play a game of mini-golf...then hit up the arcade for an old-school game of Ms. Pac Man.
  22. Enjoy the sound of ocean waves...even if it has to be from a sound soother, the ocean sound is always relaxing.
  23. Summer baseball games...I may not get to Yankee Stadium.
  24. Free summer movies...can't go wrong there!
  25. Free bowling...not sure if this is nationwide, but where I live, kids get 2 free games/week. That's a pretty good deal!

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