Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Schedule

So tomorrow is the first day of summer vacation...actually Friday was, but I let the kids have a free day. Tomorrow starts summer under my rules. Friday alone, showed me a glimpse of what it was going to be like all summer if I didn't put my foot down!

Hence, the summer schedule...with time for reading, for playing, for their electronics, but also for some learning. I'm trying to make it easy, letting them choose subjects they like. I have tons of workbooks, coloring books and educational I made up little kits for each week. They can do them all, or just pressure. I just want to break up the day so we don't have fighting everyday.

My brother is coming into town tomorrow and we are leaving for vacation this weekend so I know that the schedule needs to be fluid and flexible. Hopefully, things will learn a little more smoother than it did Friday!

What are your plans for the summer? Do you plan things for your kids or just fly by the seat of your pants?


  1. I find that I have all of these educational goals for my daughter each summer but it is hard to keep on task. So far, we are doing well this year, though. She has been off since Wednesday and has already read 3 books. I have been quizzing her to make sure she is reading and not racing through them. So far, so good! This week, we will start working on cursive. She is determined to learn it so we shall see! I think we will be fine until after our vacation in two weeks--once you break the schedule it can be hard to get back into it! I am trying to mix each day up with a little reading, some type of craft, something else educational, and some down time.

    I like your kit idea! It makes it a novelty so a little more exciting for the kids!

    Mel S

    1. I completely agree. We have vacation next week, so we'll see how things go getting back to routine. And if your daughter is that excited about learning cursive, I'm sure she'll pick it up quickly! :-)