Saturday, June 9, 2012

Father's Day: from a Daughter to her Daddy

The relationship between and daughter and her daddy is very special. To many little girls, or even grown up girls, we see our dad as a protector and provider. For many girls, the relationship with her father is the first and most important male/female relationship. Girls can feel either accepted or rejected by their fathers and that is often how they see themselves through the rest of their life.

I would not describe my relationship with my father as being close when I was little. He was always kind of gruff and grumpy, but when he did pay attention to me, I felt very special. I ended up marrying a man just like my father, and that is probably why I feel so safe with my husband. But he takes special care in talking to our daughter, showing her that she is important to him, and to lay down our expectations of how she should be treated.

Here are a couple of suggestions that would be special from a daughter to her dad for Father's Day.

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  1. god bless me with a wonderful caring father that work hard everyday for his's family i couldnt ask for a better dad alway with love