Thursday, February 16, 2012


A great way to start the day...with an award! Jen at Mom-ology honored me with this Kreativ Blogger Award! I have always wanted to be creative and crafty. It is so hard for me to make time to do those usually it's just way down on the list. As you can tell by many of my posts, I'm all over the place all the time! That's because my life is so chaotic...there is never just one thing going on. Between my three kids, my husband who is gone most of the time, and me just trying to keep my head above water, I think I'm doing well just to maintain what little sanity I have!!

Kreativ Blogger Award Rules:

  1. Link back to the blogger who gave this award.
  2. Share 10 random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 6 other people.
  4. Follow the person who gave you the award.
10 Random Facts About Myself:
  1. I do not even own a passport. It's another one of those things on my list of things to do!
  2. It is very hard for me to manage my time...I can sit at the computer for hours, without even realizing how long it has been!
  3. Since I have a child with Autism, I read everything I can about it...sometimes I think I honestly know more than the doctors we see!
  4. I am loving Instagram...I love changing the pictures to look old and worn.
  5. and that leads me to...I do not have near enough pictures of my kids.
  6. I only have a scrapbook for one child...ironically, my second! I have put together scrapbooks up to his 1st birthday, then nada!
  7. Red is my favorite color.
  8. I really love to read, but I never seem to make time for it. 
  9. I used to love to go shopping, but now I seem to be more of a in-and-out kind of shopper...just going for what I need.
  10. My parents thought I should be a teacher, but I was determined to follow a different course. Now I wish I had just listened!!
This Kreative Blogger award is now combined with the "One Lovely Blog Award." I really appreciate these is always nice to be recognized!!

Now, for the best part...I pass these awards on to 15 wonderful bloggers. It is always so hard to choose who to put on the list..there are so many great bloggers out there! But these are the ones I choose for these awards...

  1. Crystal & Co: A great mommy blog that has wonderful resources for savings, coupons, Pinterest posts, and so on.
  2. Simply Stacie: She has great product reviews, giveaways, book reviews and more!
  3. This Flourishing Life: Another wonderful blog that offers a little of, giveaways, and the always fun bloghops.
  4. Eco Baby Mama Drama: The blog to go to, especially if you have young kids and interested in giveaway!
  5. Mommy Matter: the new home to the land of Mommies
  6. Becky at Oh My Gosh Beck! has plenty of giveaways.
  7. Style n'Decor Deals: A blog that deals with giveaways, shopping deals, and reviews for all different kinds of items...from home decorating to makeup and clothes.
  8. Let's Call It Crispy: A health conscious blog for home, family, and body.
  9. Hardly Awkward: I just found this blog and thought it was both "lovely" and "kreativ!"
  10. June Bug Mom: Another blog that I just found that offers giveaways, reviews and promotes other blogs.
  11. Terri's Little Haven: Yet another blog that I found that describes the life of a busy mom.
  12. Hardly A Housewife: Just found this one too...giveaways, reviews and it!
  13. A Little Inspiration: A crafty website, that also offers reviews, giveaways, and mom advice.
  14. EcoCrazy Mom: Reviews, giveaway, and eco-friendly products...not to mention bloghops.
  15. The Kids Are Grown, Now What?: A blog about living gluten free, as well as advice, giveaways, and reviews.
Thanks again to Jen at sure you visit her blog and follow, plus all 15 of these bloggers I have sent the award to!


  1. Hey girl! Your email isn't linked to you blogger account! So apparently I tried replying to your comment you left and until today I didn't realize your email isn't attached so they have been going to the noreply-comment one! Sorry! :)
    Here is a link to a post that shows you how to fix it if you are interested!

  2. Congratulations. Your blog is really great.