Saturday, February 18, 2012

Creative Medicine Storage

 We take a lot of medicine in this house. Between the five of us, each of us has at least one pill that we have to take every day. My middle son takes the most, and his are divided up between morning, noon and night. I already have a pill container for him, and I keep all the medicine that we take daily in small decorative boxes on the counter in the kitchen. But this drives my husband crazy. He doesn't want to see everything out and would prefer it to be stashed in the cabinet. But for me, the chief medicine doser, I need them out...mainly to remind me to give them to the kids (or to me!). So I have been looking around for something...maybe just a change would be good. Tell me what you think of
what I found...

Half wall storage: I love these half
walls, and this is a great storage place.
Chalkboard Storage Box: This doesn't say how
big it is, but I could put the medicine bottles I
wasn't using in it, then write the name of whose
medicine it is on the outside.
Natural Storage Baskets: This is what I
already have. ..the small one.
Chevron Baskets

How do you store your medicine? Do you have any creative ideas?


  1. Mine is on the kitchen counter in a container and the kids cold meds are in the cabinet. They don't take meds.

  2. PS. I wish I had a half wall or 2. They are cute! And creative too.

  3. I have recently reorganised my medicines. Have a look