Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's for Teachers

Teachers are so important in our children's lives. Luckily, my kids have had great teachers (for the most part). So what kind of Valentine's are appropriate for a teacher? Depending on the relationship you and the child have with the teacher makes all the difference. But, from my experience, anything they can eat is always a winner! I'm going to show you a couple of ideas my kids and I have found for each of their teachers. Maybe it will inspire you to create something special for your teachers. They need all the help and support that they can get!

For an elementary school teacher:
This is a great gift any time but especially
during cold and flu season! Head over to
Just a Girl Blog, and see the tutorial. It's
very easy and the kids can do this project
quickly and it won't cost a lot!
Another great gift during these cold months. Trace
your child's hands and put a litle tube of lotion
in the middle. Coupon Gal has more details.

I really like this idea from  Scholastic. It just uses
Valentine hearts and the words printed on them to
create a story. This could be funny or scary..a great
way for your child to share their personality
with their teachers.
Jacolyn Murphy has more ideas on her
blog, including the bookmarks and
also using a dictionary instead
of a thesaurus. What teacher would not appreciate how clever this Valentine gift is.

Save, clean, sterilize, and dry soda bottles.
Add Valentine colored M&M's. With a
pretty ribbon and a small tag, this would
be appreciated by any teacher!

For a high school teacher: (just to make a point here...
some high school students would not give their teachers the
time of day, but in case you have a teenager like mine, they 
love giving gifts!)

This is what I would call a Teacher Survival Kit, and
can be used any time of the year. But for
Valentine's Day, throw some specially
wrapped heart candy, gum, mints, paper clips
erasers, whatever fits in the little containers...
glue some Valentine papers on as decorations, and
you have a wonderful, chocolate filled gift for
any teacher. This is fairly cheap, which is good
since a child has several teachers in high school.

Now what should a teacher give her students?
A teacher can buy these Teddy
Grahams and Gummy Bears in bulk.
The bags can be purchased at the
$1 Store and the tags are easily
made. A student of any age will
enjoy this Valentine gift.

Another gift that teachers can buy in bulk. Tie a tag
around the sucker and you're finished!

What ideas do you have for your teachers? Or if you're a teacher, do you have any Valentine ideas that you've used in the past or plan to do this year?

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