Sunday, February 26, 2012

If I Was a Stylist

Tonight is the Academy Awards. I never care quite as much about the actual awards as I do all the beautiful dresses the actresses wear. For men, it's throw on a tux, maybe change the tie color, maybe pinstripes instead of solid, or a decision between socks or no socks. But for the women, it's weeks of working with a stylist, juice fasting to fit in a dress, and the possibility of borrowing some beautiful jewels to wear. Why do I like this? Well, just like every other's fun to see everything we could never afford! Plus, the snarkiness of some of the "fashion police" is also fun!

Personally, I'm tired of the boring black. It's Spring! I'm in Spring mode so I want to see some color. I want pastels, ruffles, lace and some sexy shoes! I don't want anything Hollywood know, with the crazy hair, the gaudy jewelry, and the tacky makeup. So, this is what I have for you...I'm going to give you the Category, the winner that I want, and what they should wear (if I was the stylist!) I just don't have room to do everyone or add in shoes and jewelry...maybe another post.

BEST PICTURE:  I think that The Artist will win, even though I have never seen it! The actress in this is Berenice Bejo. I was not familiar with her, so I included a picture.

And the outfit I chose for her is a vintage couture dress by Sonia Rykiel. This French designer unveiled her couture collection in 1962 at the Louvre in Paris.

I am torn on this one...I think it will either be Viola Davis, The Help, or Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn.
I think this color would look great on Viola Davis. Plus, she has the body to pull it off! She is so tall and statuesque, this dress would hang beautifully on her and I just can't get over how refreshing the color is! This is dress is from Ellie Saab's Couture Spring 2012 Collection that was shown in Paris.

The dress to the right is a Christian Dior Haute Couture Gown from a runway show in Paris. I think the last award ceremony, Michelle went with red, which was a little harsh for her fair feature, in my opinion. This melon pink gives a pop of color without being too harsh. And with the neckline of this dress, she could wear some beautiful jewelry. I also love the way that the front hem of the dress is raised just enough that a pair of killer heels would absolutely work!

ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: I think this award will definitely go to Octavia Spencer for The Help.  I like this vintage dress that was once featured in Vogue. It is a grecian style dress, that would be complimentary to Octavia Spencer and the beautiful color would look so good on her!

Now for presenters:
Angelina Jolie:

Cameron Diaz: I know she doesn't get this dressed up usually, but I think this Marchesa gown is just to die for!

Emma Stone: Another beautiful Ellie Saab gown. Now I know a lot of people wouldn't put a a star in this pastel of a pink, but with the right hair style and jewelry, this could work!

Gwyneth Paltrow:
Jennifer Lopez:   Now that she's single, she can show a little bit more of her personality.  I know it's slightly see-through, but it's not like she hasn't done THAT before!

Sandra Bullock:  This is a Zuhair Murad. It has already made an appearance on Dexter but I still think the shape of this dress would make Sandra look so sexy. I am not entirely sure of the big flower, but maybe with her hair up, the flower would look better.

Penelope Cruz:  She is about the only one I can think of that could pull this off. This is one of my favorite dresses I found from the Spring 2012 Giambattista Valli Collection.

I probably could go on and on..I love looking at this stuff! But the last one I am going to post is for my favorite red carpet girl...

Giuliana Rancic:  She is already on the red carpet, and she looks beautiful. This is what I would choose for her...
This is another Zuhair Murad.

So far tonight, there is a lot of Ellie Saab and despite the fact that I wanted color, there is still a lot of black! Tomorrow, I will post my favorite dresses and I might even post what I thought the worst was! Stay tuned!!


  1. Great choices! I love watching the "red carpet walk"

  2. I must agree...the celebrities that attend these functions can definitely use a little color in their wardrobe. I like the choices you picked for each category you mentioned. I think you would make a great stylist!

    Still Dating My Spouse

    1. oh Pamela, if only! I would love it...mainly because the celebrities have money to pay a stylist, unlike anywhere local to me!