Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jonah and Reward Charts

We have a hard time with Jonah in two areas: Homework and Bedtime. Jonah absolutely hates homework. He's very smart, and find it "stupid" to have to do more work after being in school all day. And as far as bedtime, he just doesn't sleep! He can stay up all night and still go to school the next day. Of course, he's a whiny mess...but I make him go! Most nights, he doesn't go to sleep before 10 or 11. Like his brother, he has to go upstairs at 7:30. I usually give them 30 minutes to read, watch tv or play their video games. Ethan is asleep by 8, for sure...but Jonah? Still awake. Then he needs a snack. Then he needs someone to rub his back. Then he says he doesn't know why he can't sleep...never occurring to him, or just not caring that it's because he's not in his bed! So with Daddy going out of town this week, it is the perfect time for me to try something new.

Jonah responds better to rewards than punishments, so I found some behavior charts for each occasion.
For homework:
What I like about this chart is that it's not divided up by subjects, especially since he usually only has 2 subjects for homework: Spelling and Math. They all have reading everyday, so that's just a given that they have to read. You'll see on the chart, points can be accrued, but it doesn't say specifically how. This means, the parents can decide how to earn points, how many points, and what the payoff will be. We might try 10 points for the week equals a new app for his Kindle. Or maybe a special meal. 

For sleeping:

Jonah loves Angry Birds, so this chart really appealed to him. The concept is simple: every night that he goes to sleep before whatever time I choose, he gets to cross out a bird. Once he gets to 10 nights, we will get a prize. Again, probably an app for his Kindle, or maybe a new pair of pajamas. 

Has anyone ever had luck with charts or other rewards for their kids? I'm open to all suggestions!

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