Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu Plan

I usually don't do Menu Plans when my husband is out of town. Normally, he has cooked so much over the weekend, that we have leftovers and once that is gone, it is open season! But this week, I have lots of things in the refridgerator and freezer that I can use, so I decided to make a Menu Plan, and hopefully stick to it!
  • Monday: Breaded chicken, steamed potatoes, broccoli. I bought this great kit from Kraft, where it has all the breading and you just dip the chicken in it and bake. I'll take pictures and post later.
  • Tuesday: Chinese...this is for mainly for my daughter, as she loves Chinese. It is actually one of those frozen meals, so we will see how that turns out. It is great when she wants to make dinner, though...even if it is a frozen meal!
  • Wednesday: Potato soup? I have several potatoes that need to be eaten and it is raining today, so I am thinking about soup. I will throw some rolls in, boys love rolls!
  • Thursday: Grilled ham and cheese and hopefully my daughter will make this one too!
  • Friday: Chicken Alfredo...we bought a new Alfredo sauce that I want to try.
  • Saturday: Homemade pizza, made by my husband. He makes the best pizza and I will definitely post a picture!
  • Sunday: Homemade hamburger helper which is, again, my husband's creation. We cannot eat boxed meals because of all the different food allergies, so my husband took what the kids loved and recreated it, allergy safe. Plus, it makes a lot and that will leave me some left overs for the next week.
What is on your menu plan? Link it up.

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