Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Occupational Therapy

It has been over a year, since Ethan has been able to have an Occupational Therapist work with him on his sensory issues. Unfortunately, our insurance company will not cover the one place that we can go to...all because their office is coded as a hospital visit, not an office visit. I get emails and catalogs from all kinds of places, offering sensory items that are supposed to help...but I haven't ordered a lot. Just the things I knew would help him at that moment.

Today, I got a newsletter from one of my favorite companies, Fun and Function. This company has on their website a wide assortment of products available, but also, useful information about how to use certain items for therapy. I find this extremely helpful, considering any occupational therapy Ethan gets now, is from me! I'm not a trained therapist of any kind, but like most mom's, I'll research all night if it will help him the next day!

Here are some products from their recent newsletter that I would love to try with Ethan:

Weighted bean bags - can use these in his hand
or place individual ones in his lap
A swing and cocoon in one - Ethan would love this
as a hideout, a place to play video games, hide
from his brother, and still get that sensory need
to stretch yet feel wrapped and safe

Gel-filled medicine balls in different weights -
This would be great to have Ethan toss one back
and forth to me when he is upset. The back and
forth, somehow, reorganizes his brain and calms
him down

Weighted Animal Lap Pad - Ethan could use this at
school during classwork time, or at home for
homework time.

This is a Lycra Snuggie type thing -
but it would provide both deep pressure
and motor skills.

Our occupational therapist had one of these, a swinging
platform - She would have Ethan do math problems
while swinging, or talk about feelings and how to
deal with certain issues at school while swinging

Part swing, part hammock -
Ethan would still get the deep pressure
and the calming effect when he is so

This is the Stretch-Eze, designed by a movement therapist
for full body resistance - Ethan would benefit from this
when he is in the middle of a meltdown

Thera-bands - these are like exercise
bands, stretchy, and useful for meltdowns,
like when Ethan is angry I can have him
pull on his end and I'll pull on my end

Has anyone ever tried any of these items? 
Any you would like to try?

Weighted animal lap pad - here's another
cute way to keep Ethan calm while doing
seat work and at home for homework


  1. My OT used something similar to the stretch-eeze for my legs to strengthen them with my Cerebral Palsy. I kind of liked it, the rocking that it made me do was quite soothing. (I also have a touch of sensory issues...mostly to being touched.)

  2. Just thought I'd tell you that you sound like a great mom- so awesome that you've researched all this OT stuff, although I'm sorry about your health insurance issues, that sounds amazingly unfair. Hope some of these products help Ethan!

  3. Remy, as I researched sensory issues, I realized that most people have a sensory need of one sort or another. We've just never known there was a name for it, or excused it in some other way. There are so many products and techniques that can help everyone in one way or another. Sarah, thanks for your kind words!