Thursday, February 23, 2012

What a Great Mom!

So, being the great mom that I am, I broke the cardinal rule of having a child with severe ADHD...I let his meds run out without getting another prescription.  UGH!!! This is what happens when I get sick and am so out of it for so long! Am I the only one that has ever let this happen??

I have a place where I keep all my written prescriptions. I have a routine where I move all the prescription bottles that need refills within the next 2 weeks onto the full view...where I can call for refills. Although I had those bottles pulled out, I just assumed that I had prescriptions written for them.

If you do not have a child that uses ADHD meds, most of them are controlled substances and every month I have to use a written refills available! Our pediatrician writes them for me 3 months at a time, as we have conferences every 3 months to discuss progress. When I bring them home, I put them in this special place, out of the reach of kids, but it's where I  have always kept prescriptions. (Have I mentioned before that we have LOTS of prescriptions?!!)

So, the minute the pediatrician's office opened, I was on the phone, talking to our doctors nurse. It's really sad when they know who is calling before even answering the phone based on the incoming number!! But luckily, she rushed it to the doctor immediately and by this afternoon, I had prescriptions in hand and then filled!

I think that having a good relationship with your child's pediatrician, the nurses that work with him, and other medical workers is imperative. It normally takes three days to get a prescription written, but because of the relationship I have with them, and the fact that they know I don't normally do this so it must be an emergency..well, that's how I got action so quickly.

So tell me, what is the worst mistake you have made with your kids regarding medicine? I know I cannot be the only one!!

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  1. Having my own ADHD child, i feel your pain. I hate when i forget to remind her to take it (she is a tween) until its too late in the day!