Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan 2/6

I was inspired by some other great bloggers to create a meal plan for the week. My husband is away for work this week, leaving meal preparation up to me. He is the cook in the family and creates wonderful meals for us. When he's gone, I usually just eat leftovers or whatever I can find. Same with the kids. I usually have to fix three different meals anyway, so just finding something for each of us seems easier sometimes than making one big meal that suits everyone's needs.

So here's my meal plan:

  • Monday: Pizza...yes, it's leftover, but I have a complete pizza to eat and it's homemade! Can't beat that, can you?
  • Tuesday: of the best meals our family has! Usually, it's two different types of noodles mixed together and whatever sauce I find in the cabinet.
  • Wednesday: Lasagna...yes, it's frozen and will only be for two out of the four of us. But since we'll have leftover pasta from Tuesday, that will feed Jonah. Ethan will eat a sandwich, I'm sure!
  • Thursday: Cheesy Ham Casserole: I just found a recipe for this and want to try it. I will have to modify it for our allergies. This will probably be an upcoming post so be on the look out!
  • Friday: This is my date night with my husband. I will pick him up from the airport and who knows what we will do. Maybe we will see a movie and then dinner, or maybe we will just have an early dinner. 
  • Saturday: Who knows! Pizza is our usual, so I'll go with that!
  • Sunday: Manicotti? On Sundays, we are usually rushed...trying to get my husband packed up and ready to go back to work. He usually has to leave before dinner on Sundays so we typically have a late lunch and pasta is always on the menu!
Can you tell we eat a lot of pasta? Jonah can eat pasta morning, noon and night...never once getting tired of it. I try not to keep a lot of snacks in the house, I'm too weak! The snacks I do buy are fruit, crunchy veggies (like carrots), and cereal. There are only a few different types of cereals our family can eat, but I keep those stocked. I have also found one type of ice cream that Jonah can eat so I always buy that. Ethan has to have dairy free ice cream, so we have quite a variety of frozen treats.

So what's on your meal plan for the week? Do you have more variety that we do?


  1. I think my son would love to eat at your house this week!!

  2. Well, come one! What's one more?!! LOL

  3. Welcome to WBC...I feel your pain! My husband is our cook and he was gone for a week back in January. You get "goodest mommy" points meal plan was Zaxby's and Papa Johns!!