Monday, February 20, 2012

Mom Has a Sick Day

So, the stomach flu has hit us here at my house...hard!! Literally, I have not left my bed for two days now...except to go to the bathroom, then practically crawling back to the bed! I wouldn't bring this up (because it's gross!) but how many times can a mom just drop off the face of the earth (or be non-existent in their house) and things are still going?!!

My husband had to leave town yesterday for work. Normally, I get the laundry done, keep the kids out of his way, and get everything ready so he can just walk out the door. Yesterday, it was all on him. He had to tend to his own laundry, his own meals, and even tended to the kids who were sick. All while I laid in the bed, sleeping when I could, and feeling terribly guilty. But it worked out.

Sometimes, a mom has to take care of herself. If she is so sick she can't get out of the bed, how can she take care of everyone else? Thank goodness I had my husband home half of the day yesterday, and then my mom came by with supplies yesterday and today. I would not make it without them.  But I no longer feel guilty about staying in bed, about being sick. We cannot help when a sickness hits us. But we can choose whether or not to take care of ourself when it does. My body has a tendency to get dehydrated very easily, so most importantly to me was to try to drink a little and stop the sickness. I really needed to just take a pill and go to that's what I did.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day I can finally get out of this bed...
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  1. sure hope you feel better soon! As a mom of 5, I can remember what it was like when I was sick. You are right, it is very important to take care of yourself. Don't feel guilty, all mommies get sick at one time of the other. So glad you have your mom to help when your husband is gone. Take care!


  2. I hope you feel better soon, and your husband doesn't catch it while traveling. That would be awful.

    Definitely don't feel guilty! Rest up and take care of yourself ;0)

    1. Knock on wood, he never seems to get these things. Maybe it's all the traveling he does, but he has the resistance to germs like you've never seen! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Awww, feel better. It sucks when you're sick, but even more so when you have little ones who rely on you. I found you through the Tuesday blog hop and am now following! Id love for you to come visit and say hi!

  4. happened to me two weeks ago, had to spend the whole day due to back and neck muscle pain. I have had it for four days but could only manage to take a full rest on my husband's off day which was only one day, and right now I have been in bad flu (nose blocked and bad coughs) still can't take a rest. Sigh...I think this is one of motherhood 'joy'...Well I hope you will feel better soon! :)

  5. Don't be too hard on yourself, heh. It's cool you've laid it all out on this blog, though, and that it's still up here for your perusal. One can only imagine the anxiety of being at the thick of things, these sick days, and it's important to look into that to keep one's head up and focus on the remedy and solutions, which are bound to suffice.

    Meghan @ Aurora Diagnostics

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