Monday, February 6, 2012

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Everyone has posted their list of Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials. So, I am jumping on the bandwagon and giving you MY favorite commercials. No sense talking about bad one...if it didn't make my list, it's just a commercial! ;-)
The Voice - Vocal Kombat: I loved this commercial!  It was so funny the way they took it old school, like a crazy action movie. They burst in the room and discover who was singing so beautifully...none other than Betty White!!! That is funny, especially her line about "finally, someone wants me for my voice...not just my body." That Betty White is one funny lady!
This is a play on the Volkswagen commercial from last year...the one where the little boy was dressed up like Darth Vader. But if you didn't catch the end, the commercial is being aired in Star Wars land and the guy (or whatever he is) makes a quip about the dog being funnier than the Darth Vader kid. All of a sudden, he's under the death grip...of Darth Vader!! Again, very clever!
The M&M commercial where a brown M&M is talking about how everyone thinks she's not dressed...then another M&M walks in and sheds his shell, thinking she's naked! LOL!! I love M&M's and this was the funniest one I have seen. And was it Vanessa Williams voice as the brown M&M? Cause that would make it even funnier!!
Another clever ad, this one by Chevrolet...for their Silverado Truck. The premise is that the 2012 Mayan calendar was right, and the world ended. But because of the strength and reliability of the Chevy Silverado truck, those who were inside their trucks, somehow survived. I also liked the line about the guy in the Ford didn't make it. Classic rivalry made funny.
This is the extended version of this commercial that Matthew Broderick made for Honda CR-V's. I loved Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I love the way they took elements of that movie and included it in this commercial: hiding from his boss (instead of his dad); going to the history museum (instead of the art museum), and of course, the singing in the parade. Brings back memories of great movies when I was a teen...which my own teenager think are...well, lame!
This was my number one favorite. It took a couple of times watching it, letting all the words sink in...but the message behind it is incredible! The pictures, the music, the way he all sounds so powerful and make you want to be a part of change in America. And from what I understand, Chrysler is doing better...after last year's Eminem commercial and this commercial, their ad team deserves a pat on the back!

What were your favorite commercials? Where there any you absolutely hated? I would love to know!!


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