Monday, February 6, 2012

Kids and Valentines

Looking through Pinterest and other websites, I have found quite a few fun things to do with/for kids on Valentine's Day. It's the day to show love in a special way, and what child wouldn't feel special with some of these treats!
Check them out...
 Button Heart Valentine's Card: This would be a great craft for kids to do for a teacher, grandparent, or maybe a babysitter. Plus, it would be great to get rid of some of those buttons we've all been saving!
 Printable Valentine's with Googly Eyes: At this website, it has the Valentine's to print out, then just add googly eyes. These can be found at the $1 Store, or even in bulk from Oriental Trading.
 Special Lunch for your Little Valentine: This is fairly easy to make for your child on Valentine's Day. Whatever the sandwich is, the top is pressed gently with a heart cookie cutter...just enough to make the heart imprint on the bread. The little fruit kabobs are so sweet, with banana and grapes on a small skewer. I've never been able to find cute things like that anywhere but online from a Japanese store. But you can also use popsicle sticks...those can be found at at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael's.
 iPhone Valentine's: We actually made these for Ethan last year. He doesn't really get into Valentine's Day, but the fact that these were made to look like an iPhone interested him. This is a printable that can be wrapped around a box of Brach's Hearts. When it's put together, you only see the writing for the top and the bottom of the box. Very clever!
 Blow-Pop Flower:  Here is another printable and kids can cut them out. A great valentine, not a store bought, and I think that kids like to have a different kind of Valentine. Plus, what kid doesn't like a blow-pop?!!
 Love Bug Valentine: How cute are these, especially for boys?!! This website has the printable and of course, you need a bunch of plastic bugs. The thought of giving bugs to girls will probably thrill many a young boy and get them excited about passing them out on Valentine's Day!
 Hand Shaped Valentine's: Martha Stewart makes another kid friendly Valentine. Trace your child's hand on construction paper. Then little candies are taped, glued, or tied onto the Valentine's. These candies can be a "ring" or something stuck to the hand. Plus, the little sayings were so cute, all "hand" related.
 Valentine with Pencil: This is a cardboard heart, traced, and then the child can cut it out.  The child can decorate the heart with stickers, stamps, or whatever they choose. Then use a hole punch to make two holes, and put the pencil through both holes.
Photo Valentine's : So cute the way three photos make up this Valentine card. Wouldn't grandparents love this? I might try this at some point, but getting three kids in the pictures...well, we'll see. This is just three pictures, taped together and mounted on construction paper, then accordion folded. Too cute!

Like I said, Valentine's Day is a special day to show love in a special way. Whether it's your child showing classmates or relatives, or you showing them a little extra love on that special day, these are all great ideas. I have more ideas on my Pinterest boards. If you decide to "follow" me, let me know so that I can follow you back!

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  1. very cute, gave me some ideas! thanks!