Friday, February 10, 2012

Lucy's Review and Giveaway

Lucy's Cookies were created by Dr. Lucy Gibney, when she discovered that her child had severe food allergies. Dr. Lucy did her research and realized that something was missing...cookies for people that have allergies, or other special diets. She fell back to her own childhood recipes and created specialty cookies in a dedicated bakery, and takes great care to make sure that there is no cross-contamination. Her bakery has also created a detectable allergen list: including gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, and almonds.

The first flavor of cookies we tried was the Chocolate Cookie. These were crisp, but not crumbly. The cookies had the appearance of being homemade, as opposed to a literal cookie cutter shape.
 Jonah approved of these when he tried them. These cookies did have soy in them, although they are listed as organic soy. I don't recall the previous boxes that we have bought have soy milk or other forms of soy...maybe it is a change in their ingredients? I'm not sure. But luckily, Jonah did not have any reaction.

 The other flavors that we were able to try are Maple Bliss, and Ginger Snap, which are Lucy's Cookies brand new flavors. Maple Bliss smells like maple syrup, but they don't have as sweet of a taste. Jonah thinks they taste buttery, and the rest of the family thinks the cookie taste like a mix between sugar and shortbread cookies. The Ginger Snap cookies also tasted slightly like shortbread cookies, but with the ginger aftertaste.

Lucy's Cookies were generous enough to send me these three brand new flavors to use for a giveaway. To enter the contest, follow my blog through emailFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. For an extra entry, leave me a comment telling me what food allergy affects your family and what your dream allergy-free dessert would be. The winner will be chosen Sunday, February 11. Feel free to share this post!


  1. My name is marcela and my son is allergic to both gluten and milk products. He loves lucy cookies would love to win these. Thank you

  2. I'm the only one with any kind of food allergy and that is to Almonds.

  3. I'm following you via email! :) my email is cinnabubbles[at]gmail[dot]com. My girlfriend has a nut allergy and I'm allergic to coconut.

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  5. I follow your blog via email :
    I'm allergic to flaxseed, and my dream allergy free dessert would be a chocolate cake with no flaxseed in it.

  6. I'm following through: email (rox.zy at hotmail dot com), Facebook (Roxanne Ponn), Twitter (@Roxzy100), and Pinterest (roxzy/Roxanne Ponn). I have an allergy to gluten.

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