Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday at the Museum

Pictures from a recent trip to the Historical Museum in my town...
Remember Fantasia? Well, this is her choir robe when she sang in my hometown, High Point, NC. Are you impressed?  
This is a map of my neighborhood when it was developed in the 1920's
History behind the neighborhood
My street, but my house was not built yet.
John Coltrane, a famous jazz musician, also grew up in my town...this was his piano.
A gigantic chair for the Furniture Capital

The original Buyer's Guide for the 1st Furniture Market
an old kids had no idea what this was!

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  1. What a cool museum! That's funny that your kids didn't know what the organ was! I once went on a school field trip, with one of my sons, to the Franklin Institute. They had rotary-style phones set up in one room, where you could "talk" to famous people. When my son saw the phones, he asked, "What is that?" I really felt old that day! LOL!