Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

  1. Ethan told me as I went up the stairs in front of him, "Mommy, your butt jiggles." Guess I need to get back to the gym...STAT!
  2. As we talked to Ethan about entering puberty, he said, "but the problem is, my Axe deodorant isn't attracting the women!" How funny is that?!!
  3. We went to see a movie today in 3D...the first for myself and the boys. How funny it was to see their reactions as the 3D started and it seemed like you could just reach out and touch things.
  4. Not as much funny as ironic, but Jonah managed to bring down his dirty clothes to be washed and he cleaned the floor in his room...all so he could see a movie today! Forget all the times I have asked him, it takes bribing. I'll remember that!
  5. Jonah asked me this morning what I looked like when I was 20. I told him that I looked pretty much the same as I do now. Then he replied, "except for those wrinkles on your face?" Are you feeling the love here?
What funny thing has your child said lately? Please share, I need a good laugh!


  1. These are hilarious! I have 2 to share with you.
    1. I woke up at 7am today (a Saturday). My 7-yr old was saying something to me, and added, "And, oh, it's 7am!" But he said it as if I'd wasted the better part of the day! ;)
    2. Same kid slid down the stairs on his bum tonight. Got up & rubbed his sore backside and said, "Well, (pause) that was a pain in the butt, and I'm serious!" LOL! This is the side of his autism that I love - his literal humor. :)
    I think you stopped by at Building On Joy - thank you!!

    1. omg, that is hysterical! Yes, the literal side of autism can be so funny, but I have to watch when I laugh with my son. He thinks I'm laughing AT him, as opposed to what he is saying.

  2. are the funniest! Nice blog..I am a new follower from Sunday bloghop! Please swing by and check mine out too! Have a fantastic day!


  3. Too cute! Kids are always saying the funniest things. My 6 year old told his big sister this week that she's been getting on his NERDS. I still keep laughing about it. I'm a new follower from the Su day blog hop.

  4. Hi there. I'll contribute a funny one. The other day "T" (age 8) and "L" (almost 3 when this happened) were playing at the dining room table when I heard T say to L "did you just say the 'A' word?" I told T not once but twice that L couldn't quite spell yet, but T asked L for a third time if she had said the "A" word. L looked at T as serious as could be and said "no, I said the "C D E F" word!"

    ~Following you from the Mommies on a Journey Blog Hop
    -Jo, The Momma Blogger

    1. I love it! I wonder what the C D E F word is and if I should add it to my repertoire! LOL

  5. awww, that has to be one of the best things about having children. The things that come out of their mouths :)
    New follower from CCB