Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eco-Friendly Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday, we went to our State Capital to visit the History Museum. The parking garage that we parked in had a large number of open spaces as we pulled in...we wondered what that was about, since it as not marked as "handicapped."
 This is sign posted on the wall by all these empty parking spaces....Electric Vehicle Parking and Charging Stations. Not a single car parked there either!
Do they have many electric vehicles where you live? As you can see, not so much where we live either...and this is our state's capital, where they are supposed to be setting the example!!


  1. We have a few of these at a local greasy spoon/hole in the wall diner and they are always empty. I don't imagine "green" people wanting to eat dirty greasy food in Oklahoma so I always find it hilarious.

  2. My FIL is on the waiting list for an electrical car. Not sure how much longer it'll be but he will be tooling around in one soon!!!