Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Are You a Bully Project Partner?

I am sure most of you have seen on tv the new movie that is coming out called, "Bully." There has been much to do about whether or not it should be given a rating, whether or not children should see it...people, this is what our children live with ever day!! Read the statistics...13 million American kids are bullied, 3 million are absent from school because they cannot face the emotional and physical toll that bullying places on them. They cannot tell their parents, their teachers, or sometimes even their friends if we are not willing to listen and to act on their behalf!


Three million will be absent from school this month because of the emotional and physical toll of bullying.

We can no longer remain silent while this epidemic rips through our schools and communities.

On Friday, April 13, Bully will expand its release nationwide to over 200 theaters. Now that the MPAA has lowered the movie's rating from R to PG-13, Bully will be able to reach the kids, schools, and organizations around the country that need to see it most.

Take your friends and family to see Bully this weekend, and join the nationwide conversation on keeping our schools safe.

Find the theater nearest you on April 13:


For discounted tickets for groups, visit:


Thank you for your support.

This letter can be found at The Bully Project Partner Tool Kit, available to send through email or html. They also have twitter messages to retweet, twitter wallpaper to download,  facebook profiles to use and other links to help stand up and support The Bully Project.

I think every parent these days has encountered a bullying issue with their kids from one end or the other. Maybe if every parent could watch and truly understand how this affects every child and every family, they would be able to help their children understand that it is not ok.  It is not ok for adults, for children, not for anyone.

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