Friday, April 13, 2012

The Easter I Had to Make Memories Alone

Since we are at the end of the week, I guess it is finally time to put up our Easter pictures. We found this idea on Pinterest and it was originally posted from Creative Connections for Kids. Last year I did not even dye Easter Eggs, so I felt pressure this year to turn it out big!
Lindsey applying hot glue to boiled eggs. We found that it worked best if you put the hot glue on one side at a time, unless the bowls you used to dye them in are really deep. We were at my parent's house, so we worked with what we had.
The eggs looked great as they were dyeing. You could see the design and how it was probably going to look when finished. 
After one dip with the hot glue, you are supposed to peel the hot glue off, reapply more hot glue in a different design, preferably. Then you could re-dip in another color so that the original design from the hot glue, would then be dyed a different color.
I tried with a few, but we simply ran out of time to do it really well. Anyway, the kids were no help, besides Lindsey's initial attempt at hot gluing. I decided that this will be the Easter I can always remind them (read that, nag them!) that I had to dye Easter Eggs alone...making all the memories by myself while they were off playing video games!

Oh well, maybe the next holiday...was is it anyway? Mother's Day??

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  1. There are few things as beckoning as a box of colorfully dyed Easter eggs. :)