Monday, April 16, 2012

Holy Flying Bat in My House!

We had a bat in the house tonight. It is not the first time. Of course, it happens the day after the Hubs leaves town for work. Lindsey and my mom had to rescue us while I cowered in fear with the boys while they said their last goodbyes. After the rodent was freed from our home, we reflected on what we could have done differently.

Things you should NOT do when a bat is flying around your house:
  1. Do not scream like a little girl...therefore frightening your kids more.
  2. Do not tell your kids that you are terrified.
  3. Do not google anything about your bats, how they can live in your house, and how horrible it is to get rid of them.
  4. Do not have a panic attack.
  5. Do not tell your kids that you are scared the stupid thing will land on your head! (Because then the kids will be scared of that, as well!)
Here are things you SHOULD do:
  1. Be calm.
  2. Comfort and reassure your kids that it will be ok.
  3. Read a story or do something to take the child's mind off of the fact that a small, scary beast it flying around our living room at that very moment.
  4. Wrap your kids (especially the autistic one!) tight in a blanket, to make them feel secure.
  5. Help them barricade the door with pillows and yoga mats so there is no chance that creepy thing will get in their room.
it was NOT this cute!!
Oh yeah, I was totally hiding in the boys room scared out of my mind while my 15 year old daughter and my mom caught the stupid thing with the help of a butterfly net and a big bag. As the boys were crying about dying at 7, or that they didn't get to do all the things in their life they thought they would (like get married to a girl with long hair), I was busy googling local places that might come and get rid of the pest. No such luck there, so we just hid while braver people fought the good fight.

I will take blood, vomit, just about any other kind of "emergency" but not bats...or any other animal that gets in my house. Since we've lived in this house, we have 3 bats, 2 squirrels and various other creatures. Most of them get in through our chimney, which is supposed to be sealed, but obviously not! 

So, if you're in an accident, having a heart attack, have the flu, anything else...I'll help you. But if you have bats or other flying or crawling creatures...I'll be hiding upstairs, saying prayers, and hoping for a miracle!


  1. I am no stranger to bats either. I am not bothered by them, but something about having them inside does change things a little... ahah

    Super funny post

    Stopping by from the restless hop!

  2. ohh no!! I have to admit I was giggling through that post :p Isn't it great when the outdoors invites itself in? NOT
    Once when hubby and I were helping a friend knock out some walls for some renos on their property we removed the vent on the wall and a WHOLE family of bats came pouring out of that little hole!! There was 10-15 of these little things flapping around like crazy! Luckily for me I wasn't in the room at the time! Apparantly hubby and his friend shooed them out and that was that...I'm soooo glad I wasn't in there for that one! Bats don't bother me much, it's the diseases and things they carry that freak me out most.

    1. omg, I would've died!! I made the mistake of googling bats and there was all this stuff about them living in your attic, chimney's...basically anywhere they can. That just creeps me out!

  3. Went to a cave one day and just like in batty movies, my face was welcomed by the wing slaps of hundreds of bats, I forgot to get terrified, and think of covering my poor face completely!

    Hopping by and following your FB, twitter and Pinterest.

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    Hope to see ya there:)

    1. I'm following you back and entered the giveaway.

      A bat cave is one place I will never go! You are braver than me!!

  4. These things always happen when I'm out of town... :)

    1. Yeah, like the day after! Why couldn't it have happened the month+ you were home?!!

  5. Followed you over from the We Get It series.

    You don't sound like the Worstest Mommy ever. Good mommies know how to delegate, and it sounds like you made the right choice giving the job of getting rid of the bat to your mom and daughter. ;)

    I wish we had a bat outside to eat all these dang mosquitoes, but I also would freak out if one got into the house.

    1. Well, she had no choice...but she's a good girl. :-)