Wednesday, March 28, 2012

April Fool's Day Pranks

Did you realize that April Fool's Day is coming quickly? In fact, it is sneaking up so quick, YOU might be the one getting a trick played on you because you have forgotten all about it! Do not let that happen to you!! I am here to save you with my all-time favorite April Fool's Day pranks!

In our house, I always do food jokes. When you have a child with Asperger's, it is not a good idea usually, to switch around schedules or cereals, or furniture or dressers drawers or stick a For Sale sign in the front yard. So I have always stuck to innocent pranks like the one below...
I had found this recipe years ago in Family Fun and knew immediately I had to try it. It is simply meatloaf (I leave out the egg) with mashed potatoes on top. The mashed potatoes have food dye added to them to make it look like cupcakes.I called my kids to supper that night and they were so excited to have dessert for dinner. They took one bite...Ethan was so mad! Jonah and Lindsey loved it, though! The next year, I made mini-cupcakes for Ethan's class at school. We pulled him out of the room when we passed them around because we knew he would tell everyone the secret. They have always been a big hit at our house!!
Both of these recipes came from the same website and made very similar. With the  Chicken & Dumplings, you use vanilla pudding, with angel food cake cut into pieces with angel food cake on top. The peas and carrots are pieces of taffy. The same taffy is used in the Shepherd's Pie. The meat is really Cocoa Krispie's that have marshmallows mixed with a little butter set on broil for a few minutes. Think these would fool your kids?
This is the winner for us this year…not that the kids know it yet! (Lindsey, if you are reading this, do not tell your brothers!!) I love how this incorporates a family meal along with solving a riddle or puzzle or sort of a play on words which is great for both a child with Asperger’s and a child who is learning how to use descriptive words when telling or writing stories. If you want a fork or spoon, then you better be able to figure out how this means describes them or you are going to eat with your hands or with NO hands!So, tell me what your favorite trick or prank is…what are you planning on doing this year? When I was a kid, I thought I was really going to trick my parents and got up early one April Fool’s morning and moved all the furniture in our living room…the whole day passed and not one person noticed. EPIC FAIL!!! Ever have an April Fool’s Day that totally backfired? I’d love to hear the stories!!

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