Saturday, March 31, 2012

Autism Books

Autism Speaks and Barnes and Noble have teamed together to create a collection of books that can help families and individuals affected by autism. I have read almost all of these recommendations from Autism Speaks....which ones have you read?

A Regular Guy; Growing Up With Autism, by Laura Schumaker
Thinking Person's Guide to Autism, by Jennifer Byde Myers, Liz Ditz, Emily Willingham & Carol Greenburg
Cowboy & Wills, by Monica Holloway
The New Social Story Book, by Carol Gray
Following Ezra, by Tom Fields-Meyer
be different, by John Elder Robison
The Way I See It, by Temple Grandin, Ph,D.
look me in the eye, by John Elder Robison


  1. I loved Look Me in the Eye, I cried several times throughout the book. It moved me! I'll have to check some of these others out, thanks for compiling this list!

  2. I have read two that are not on this list. The reason I Jump, and Chicken soup for the soul: raising Children on the spectrum. Both were very good.