Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tourney Time Fun


Are you a basketball widow or are you watching the basketball tournament, too? I am not the most avid basketball watcher, but I try to watch all the Carolina games. My husband went to Carolina and we got married on campus there, so it is special to us. We have watched the tournament so far and our brackets have been fairly screwed up with some major upsets, but it can still be fun to see if the teams you picked to win are going to win or lose.

You have to wear your fan gear when you watch your favorite team. I posted some Carolina gear from the NCAA store. You could also  

Then you have to have some good snacks! My husband and I have a new favorite. I do not know how we came up with this combination...maybe it is on the back of a package, maybe we saw it on tv, I don't know, but we like it. I am sure there can be many varieties of this, but we choose to eat it like this. We use 12 oz.Velveeta Queso Blanco, cut up in little cubes. (it works best if the velveeta is at room temperature, the cheese melts easier) Melt the velveeta on the stove. Add in the Rotel (no juice) and the Pinto Beans. You can add half the can of both or the whole just depends on what you like. We like adding in the beans because it makes the queso a little more chunky. You could also use all the queso, all the Rotel and all the beans to make a big batch and then just reheat it when you want in the microwave. The Mission strips are good because they are not quite as salty as some of the other tortilla chips out there. I do not eat a lot of salt, so anything salty tastes extra salty to me.

Now, if you have kids that love basketball, they would LOVE this on their wall...wouldn't they?!! has everything you could want to get them ready for the Sweet Sixteen, the Elite Eight, the Final Four and the Winner of the NCAA BasketBall Tournament.

My kids could care less about any sports. They do not even notice any of it on television unless it interferes with a meal!

Are you watching the Basketball Tournament? What team are you pulling for? Do you have a favorite snack you eat during games?

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