Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Day in the Life of the worstest mommy Part 2

Ok, so the kids have gone and I have a chance to breathe. I have to get dressed...yeah, still haven't done that! Put my contacts in. Brush my hair, teeth, put makeup on, finish drinking my coffee, take my medicine, and sit. I go through a couple of emails and before you know it I have to go pick up my daughter from the elementary school and take her to the high school. Turns out, the little girl she was supposed to eat breakfast with wasn't there. Apparently, the girl's mom slept in so the girl and her sister missed breakfast. Lindsey was very frustrated and just couldn't understand why a mom would do that. Hard to explain that to a 14 year old! So she didn't get breakfast so we had to run back home and grab something quick, then off to the school. Luckily, almost everywhere I go is within a 5 mile radius!

After I dropped Lindsey off at school, I came back home for 30 minutes, then I went to the salon to have my hair colored. My hair turns gray faster than you can believe, so every month I am there with bells on! For me, it is like spa day! I feel better coming out than going in. I get to catch up with the girls there about what is going on with them, their kids...it is just a fun time!

While I am there, my mom is texting me about my daughter..."make her an eye appointment, she needs contacts!" You never grow up in your parents eyes, do you?!! The mom I carpool with kept texting me, asking me to meet her at Starbucks. UGH!! As soon as I finished, I rushed to Starbucks...as if the stuff we had to discuss was that important!

We share a position on the PTA Board for Hospitality Committee...basically, we give something to every member of the school staff every month. But we are trying to do something different for March to capitalize on March Madness. We have 55 families in our school families that receive "backpacks" of food from a local food bank...so we wanted to collect food in boxes marked for certain basketball teams. Our school counselor, who is in charge of the backpack program is all into this, so it is just logistics at this point. But we still need to do something for the staff....I am thinking a basketball cake from Costco. Like they would turn down cake! She thinks a diet coke with nuts and a tag saying "Don't think I'm nuts, but you're the real thing!" Really, it doesn't matter to me, just as long as they are happy.

So, we drank our coffee, talked about our school stuff, our kids, summer, and wrapped up. I left to go to the grocery store...did my grocery shopping then came home. Unpacked all my groceries and then sat down. I wrote Part 1 of this post and it was 1:00. See how time passes?? Before I know it, it is 2:15 and I have to leave for carpool. School does not get out until 2:30, but if I don't get it line early enough, I will have to wait on the street. Sometimes, cars get there as early as 2:00 and just wait! Do they not have anything else to do?? By 2:30 my two boys and our carpool friend are in the car. They are VERY loud!! They are saying things like "Hey, Mommy, I'm in the yellow reading group now!" "Bye, you suckers!" "There's that girl, you know, the one that is more brown, than yellow...not that I'm being racist." "I don't know why people always want to say "Hey Ethan' or 'Bye Ethan' I don't even like them!" And so on! It's like this everyday! It is less than a mile to our carpool friends house, where I drop him off. Once he is out of the car I try to clarify a couple of things...what is this yellow reading group? Ethan, when someone says hi, you need to respond...he correctly responded that he needed to find out who was talking to him so he could make eye contact first, then respond. Well, that IS what he has been working on in his social skills group!

Once we get home the homework battle begins. Ethan has math drills to do. Two pages of multiplication to be timed. He is supposed to do them as quickly as possible, but correctly. He times them himself...and the ones he gets wrong are all transposed,weird, huh? Jonah hates homework. So it's another battle to fight. Plus, I find progress reports and Monday folders that they forgot to give me yesterday. Oh well! We had a standard meltdown...this time because Jonah told Ethan that a giant meteorite was headed towards earth and that we would all die. That didn't go over very well. 3:45 we had to pick Lindsey up from school. Can this day get any better??

..still more, continued


  1. Oh dear.....deadly meteorites and missed breakfast all in the same day--tomorrow will be better! (if not, go back to bed)

  2. wow that was some whirlwind of activities for the whole day!glad you survived it...that's actually what women are good at...multitasking!

    1. that's a pretty typical day for us...at least there were no doctor appointments or piano or voice lessons. Literally, just a typical day....not the same type of day that other people have I realize but for us, this is what typical is.