Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Hunger Games Experience

Over the weekend, I took Lindsey and a friend to see The Hunger Games. I have never read any of the books by Suzanne Collins, was not really aware of the trilogy, and quite oblivious to the anticipating fans towards the opening of this movie. Boy, I totally underestimated the fan base of this group of fans!

On Friday night, Lindsey's friend texted her and said that she was out with her parents and wanted to take her to the movie on Saturday, could she go, and which movie time she wanted. I, of course, would be taking them. (Secretly, I wanted to see the movie, so it did not really bother me!) Good thing we got tickets the day before, because out of six screens, one being an IMAX screen, they were sold out. Plus, our movie theater was packed and we had to sit on the front row! UGH!!!

Now, since I had not read the book, I did not know what to expect. Lindsey borrowed the book on her Kindle the night before and stayed up all night, I think, reading it. She said it might be violent, but it was PG-13, so you never know what that means. But I knew as she was finishing the story before we left, she told me she was trying not to cry so I figured that there must be something mushy or sad so I did grab some extra napkins at the snack counter!

I'm not going to tell you the whole story because you can find that anywhere. I will say that I really liked the story. As far as the violence, I did not think it was that bad...of course,  I was sitting on the front row with my neck at an awkward angle and had to continually scan the screen from left to right to take it all in. So if there was a running scene where someone was chasing, or fighting, I could not really see everything until is was all over. But seriously, my boys have video games more violent than what was in this movie. There were no curse words, which I think is almost worse. Once of the things I liked the most, was the fact that the main character, Catniss (weird name, right?) volunteered herself to save her sister. How many brothers or sisters would be willing to do that. We would hope as parents that our children would do that for their siblings, but would they?

So, I come home and start looking up Hunger Games goodies...
Gale-nola bars
Hunger Games Cookies

Keep Calm Poster from Etsy

Hunger Games Someecards

And I had to make my own set of outfits for Catniss from Polyvore. You can follow me at Polyvore and on Pinterest where I have more Hunger Games related items posted on my Movies board. I follow back, so just leave me a comment and I will be glad to follow back any way you want! And if you have seen the movie too, let me know what you thought of it!


  1. Oh I want to see that movie. Sounds like you enjoyed your day with your daughter and her friend.

    I am stopping by via the 99% exposure hop, following you by twitter, G+ and I've liked your FB fanpage. I currently have a beauty giveaway going on over at my blog, stop by and enter if you like

  2. My daughter went to the movie this weekend too. She has read all the books and loved them. I haven't read them yet-- I guess I need to since everyone has said how good they are.

    I am not allowed to watch movies based on books- especially the ones I have already read. My hubby and kids refuse to watch those types of movies with me. I yell at the screen when they change things or exclude things!

    1. From what I understand, they did change quite a bit, but not necessarily in a bad way. They just simply had to cut out some in order to get the time down to 2 1/2 hrs. and that is still fairly long compared to many movies now.

  3. You have to read them!! I could not put them down. I'm almost finished book 3 and cannot wait to see the movie.