Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Day in the Life of the worstest mommy...Part 1

My day starts at 6:30. I wake up and already have a text message. It is from the mom I carpool with. I almost cannot make out what the text message says....I think what she is asking me is what time my daughter needs to be at school. (back story, my daughter is a breakfast buddy at the elmentary school and she was going to ride with my boys to school that morning) It is too early for my brain to have to work this hard. I have to text back a clarification, then I get up.

I go into Jonah's room to wake him up. He does not want to wake up, but I shake him several times. Putting his clothes on his bed, I leave his room...I will come back to him later. I go to Ethan's room next. He is already awake, so he gets up right away. I tell him to come downstairs and get his clothes on. Ethan has severe ADHD, so he needs his medicine as soon as he wakes up or you can forget getting anything accomplished the rest of the morning. I give Ethan his medicine and he puts on his pants. We have a disagreement about whether or not he is going to wear the same shirt he wore yesterday...he decides he will change his shirt, but he is going to pick it out.

I put my coffee in the microwave to warm it up. Does it matter that it is a day old? Right now, no! I start making Ethan's lunch...I really need to go to the grocery! Peanut butter bagel, water bottle, peanut butter & cheese crackers...hmm, what else? Let's see, here's a Reece's egg, some conversation hearts, and a cheese stick. Looks good to me!

Down comes Ethan with a shirt that says something about Santa not talking to his teacher. I mention that it is not Christmas, but he insists that it is cool...whatever. Not worth arguing about. I ask if he wants breakfast...oh, yeah, I guess! I "make" cereal and soy milk. WTG mom!

Back upstairs to get Jonah up and wake up Lindsey. Usually, Lindsey doesn't wake up until later, but because she is volunteering this morning she has to get up early. Jonah stomps down the stairs, crying and whining all the way. Oops, he forgot to get dressed. I go get his lunchbox to pack. I don't even bother asking him what he wants. He has himself so worked up that he can't stop coughing so a breathing treatment is in order. So I set up the nebulizer and put the mask on him. If nothing else, it will give him a chance to calm down for 5 minutes. I pack his lunch...Daddy's hamburger helper, chocolate/vanilla pudding, chocolate milk, and cinnamon cheerios in a bag. All bags and coats by the door...except Jonah's coat is no where to be found...hmmm???

Jonah is finished now and wants breakfast...it's 6 minutes until carpool picks them up. I quickly pour him a small bowl of cereal while Ethan runs upstairs and gets Jonah's clothes for him. There are no socks to be found anywhere...there never are when you need them! Finally I find 2 non-matching socks...1 Halloween, 1 blue sock and he puts those on. We still have no coat, so as the carpool van pulls up outside the house, Ethan and Lindsey go out the door and I pull out of the coat closet Jonah's big puffy winter coat and he melts down! I say, "Sorry buddy. Guess you'll remember to bring your coat in from the car this afternoon!" He goes down the front steps crying, saying "You're the meanest mommy ever!!" Do I feel bad? Nope! This happens way too often!!

And it's only 7:30!!
...to be continued

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  1. wow that felt like alot and it was only first hour where would this world be without moms you rock